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Welcome to the Civilization Era WikiEdit

This is a non-official page made for a mobile strategy game called Civilization Era.

The game is released mid January 2018. I am currently updating this by myself in my spare time atm. But if there are more people that would like to contribute, as long as it is an accurate information, is always welcome. 


Although the devil was expelled but in order to rule, the heroes of civilizations have argued endlessly, the continent is in chaos, the war continues, and it seems to be getting further and further away from peace, who will lead the peace back to the continent?

- Gameplay Introduction -

*Hero System

Enjoy exclusive hero effects, each hero is unique.

*Alliance System

Fight together, members can enjoy more than just bonuses and benefits, can also participate in siege warfare, experience the thrill of team play,create the best alliance.

*Skill System

Every hero has a role, there's no useless hero, as long as you like, there must be training value!

*Rune System

Rune can strengthen Great noblesse & Soldiers.

*Adventure System

Defense, Assist, Pillage, War.Outbreak.

- Game Features -

High-quality game design, expressive details.

Build your own main city, create your own civilization.

Three distinctive style civilizations;

There is always a right one for you.

Eight chapters of civilizations war. Eight stories waiting for you to explore.

Choose the moderate but powerful Asia or strong and groundbreaking Europe, or the ancient and mysterious Americas to start your civilization journey, everything is up to you.

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